What is aluminum granule?

2020-03-02 15:44:28 3445


Aluminum granules, also known as aluminum pill、aluminum sand, aluminum granules using aluminum ingots containing 99% aluminum repeatedly drawing, cutting, grinding and other processes refined. A shiny, cylindrical surface applied to aluminum, zinc, or thin-walled work-pieces.


It is widely used in the surface finishing of aluminum castings, copper and zinc castings, sandblasting of various metal surfaces, deburring of casting workpieces, burrs, sandblasting of blade surfaces, and casting products. It can make your product smooth, bright, shiny and whitening effect. At the same time, aluminum granules can be used in combination with stainless steel sand and stainless steel shot to achieve a whiter and brighter surface of the workpiece. Aluminum granules, LED semiconductors, and steamers,the requirements for purity are also relatively high.

Main chemical composition:

AI≈99.5% Si<0.2% Cn<0.04% Zn<0.04%

Specific density:2.7 g/cm3
Hardness :65-125Hv

Specification: φ0.6mm-φ2.0mm


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