What are the usage of aluminum blocks?

2020-03-03 10:45:11 3860

What are the uses of aluminum blocks? Aluminum materials Aerospace aluminum materials are used to make aircraft skins, fuselage frames, beams, rotors, propellers, mailboxes, wall panels and landing gear pillars, as well as rocket forging rings, spacecraft wall panels, etc.

There are also many uses that are closely related to us in life. For example, aluminum blocks are widely used as raw materials for packaging such as beverages, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, and industrial products.

What are the usage of aluminum blocks?

In general, aluminum block materials for transportation can provide all-round aluminum alloy materials for automobiles. Large-scale porous profiles for subways and light rails meet the localization requirements of subways. They are used to manufacture automobiles, subway vehicles, railway passenger cars, and high-speed passenger vehicles Body structural parts, doors, windows and shelves, automotive engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, body panels, wheels and ship materials.

Nowadays, in the packaging industry of various countries in the world, aluminum materials such as aluminum pellets, aluminum wires, aluminum ingots, aluminum beans and other aluminum materials are used to make all-aluminum cans and cans, which has become a mark to measure the level of aluminum processing.


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