Do you know the use of these areas in aluminum alloys?

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According to statistics, of the 124 existing industries in China, 113 are aluminum-related industries. From small household appliances, pots and pans, to aerospace and transportation, "the use of aluminum for steel, aluminum for wood, aluminum for copper, and aluminum for plastic has gained widespread social consensus. Everywhere.

With the development of lightweight, aluminum has been applied in emerging fields, and a variety of new materials related to aluminum are emerging. In the whole life cycle of aluminum, due to its abundant reserves and excellent performance, aluminum is widely used in industry and daily life, which has brought great social and environmental benefits to many industries, and has become increasingly widespread Approval. Today, let's learn about the aluminum-related products that integrate into our lives!

1: All aluminum trailer

If the application proportion of aluminum trucks in China can reach a developed level, it is expected that aluminum consumption will increase by more than 7 million tons. Depending on the type of cargo being transported, 75% -80% of the total number of trailers (tank trucks, container trucks, and other types of trailers account for about 20% -25%) can be van-type or warehouse-type aluminum alloy trailers.

The carriages, side guards, rear guards, traction seat panels, suspensions, hinges, and canopy bars of the all-aluminum trailer are all made of aluminum alloy materials, and the weight of the carriage can be reduced by 3 tons. The total vehicle weight is 3.5 tons lighter than that of an all-steel structure trailer. This will be of great practical significance for advancing energy conservation and emission reduction and transforming growth methods in China's transportation sector.

2: Aluminum alloy convertible coal truck

Other structures of aluminum alloy convertible coal truck body, such as underframe and side doors, can be applied to aluminum. At present, 70% of China's railway freight capacity is used for coal transportation. According to earlier data, the aluminization rate of China's coal and ore transportation rail vehicles is less than 0.5%, which is far from the 28.5% in the United States.

3: Sedan high-precision aluminum alloy sheet

Whether it is a commercial vehicle or a passenger vehicle, the body is the highest quality component in a car. Among them, the body of the car accounts for about 30% of the total vehicle mass.

If the car's four doors and two covers and fenders are all made of aluminum, the weight can be reduced by about 70 kg. In view of the fact that China is a large automobile production country in the world, with the breakthrough of domestic production technology and processes and the successive production of projects, its application will grow rapidly and the potential for aluminum consumption is greater.

4: Aluminum alloy tray

The battery aluminum tray mainly uses 6 series aluminum profiles. Its good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance, especially without the tendency of stress corrosion cracking, and good welding performance, make the 6 series aluminum profiles suitable for the project application.

Aluminum alloy trays can be used in areas such as refrigerated storage, three-dimensional warehouse storage, logistics transportation, food storage, and moisture-proof goods. According to relevant data, a large tree can only produce up to 6 standard pallets.Therefore, vigorously promoting the application of aluminum pallets has great significance for protecting the ecological environment and saving natural resources.

5: Aluminum alloy wheels

With the development of lightweight, most cars now use aluminum alloy wheels, and relatively low-profile models often use iron wheels. Low-priced cars will no longer use iron wheels, and use aluminum alloy / magnesium alloy wheels instead.It can be seen that aluminum alloy wheels are better than iron wheels. Compared with iron wheels, aluminum alloy wheels have a lot of advantages. First of all, they look good and can be made into various styles with good visual effects. Secondly, aluminum alloy wheels are lighter than iron wheels, which brings advantages and experiences that the following iron wheels cannot bring.1. Lighter unsprung mass and lighter weight below suspension. 2. Acceleration performance will be improved. 3. Improved handling and comfort. 4. Fuel consumption of aluminum alloy wheels will also be reduced. Of course, the disadvantages of aluminum alloy wheels are that they are expensive and the edges can not be repaired.

6: Aluminum alloy bridge

As early as 1933, the world's first application of aluminum alloys to bridges was on aluminum bridge decks of a river-crossing bridge in the Pittsburgh's Sfield area. For China, the application of aluminum alloys in bridges is still relatively limited, but in recent years, it has continued to develop. The first domestic aluminum alloy bridge is the Hangzhou Qingchun Road pedestrian bridge constructed in 2007. The main material is 6082- T6 aluminum alloy. China's aluminum alloy bridges are mainly concentrated on bridges such as pedestrian bridges, and there are still a few applications of aluminum alloy panels. It can be seen that there is still a large gap between foreign countries in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum alloy bridges. The amount of aluminum used in the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge on October 23 this year exceeded 60%.

The application of aluminum profiles on bridges, applications on main structural parts include bridge decks, longitudinal beams, trusses, etc. Among them, aluminum bridge panels are widely used. Auxiliary structural components mainly include: pedestrian or bicycle passage structural components added to the original bridge, bridge railings, road sign brackets, road signs, lighting support rods, etc.

With China's vigorous development of high-speed rail construction, the terrain in the central and western regions is more complex, with many canyons and rivers. A large number of bridges need to be built during the process of railway construction. On the other hand, due to the construction and development of urbanization, the subway has become more and more strict in the pressure from the ground. It can be seen that more aluminum alloy footbridges and highway bridges will be designed and used in the future.

7: Aluminum air battery

Aluminum-air batteries have high energy density, can achieve zero emissions, no pollution during use, and are easy to recycle. They can be used as power batteries, signal batteries, etc., and have broad application prospects.

8: All aluminum furniture

Indoor air pollution caused by construction, decoration, and furniture has become a “hidden killer” that endangers human health.In the era of personalized and diversified development, home furnishing customization is becoming more and more popular. With the development of technology, all-aluminum furniture is constantly appearing in our vision.It is made of aluminum alloy, and the cabinet body and the laminate of the wardrobe are all aluminum alloy. Naturally, it is truly formaldehyde-free, pollution-free, health-friendly, recyclable, and has high recycling value. Even if it is abandoned, it can still recover 1/3 of the cost, and it is beautiful and durable.

Do you know the use of these areas in aluminum alloys?


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